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How to Save Money on Master’s Degree Tuition

When you’ve just graduated from college after four years and aren’t quite sure what to do with your future, the prospect of going to graduate school can be a very welcoming one. However, although a graduate qualification can certainly help you to find yourself and your passions, enable you to find your field of specialty, and provide you with better career opportunities and earning potential, the downside of continuing on to graduate school is having to pay more tuition fees or get into more student debt. We’ve listed some of the best ways to save money on postgraduate education.

Study Online:

If you’ve just graduated from college after studying for your undergraduate degree for four years, chances are you won’t really mind if you don’t get the ‘full college experience’ whilst studying at master’s level. Since master’s programs such as this AACSB online MBA from Rutgers Online are usually more intense than a bachelor’s degree, chances are good that you’ll have too much work to spend lots of time socializing and having fun, anyway. Classes online such as online business courses give you the flexibility to work from home and travel the world whilst only costing around two-thirds of the regular price.

Get Employer Funding:

If you’ve recently graduated from college and have had a job offer, then congratulations! Many students who performed well at college during their bachelor’s degree and earned a lot of work experience won’t need to go to graduate school to catch the eye of an employer. If you feel that you are a good candidate for a graduate job, you should go ahead and apply as there will be many opportunities for you to do a master’s degree in the future. Many graduate schemes from big companies will actually pay for you to earn your master’s whilst you work for them.

Accelerate the Program:

Certain online programs can actually be sped up so that rather than spending eighteen months or two years studying for your master’s in business administration online, you may be able to graduate in just one year or perhaps even less, depending on the original program duration. Since the online study is so flexible and self-led, if you think that you’ve got what it takes to complete tasks quicker, there’s no stopping you from graduating sooner – and the fewer years you study for, the less tuition you’ll pay.

Get Financial Aid:

Depending on your area of expertise and the future profession that you’d like to go into, you may be able to earn financial aid to support you towards the cost of all or part of your master’s degree tuition. For example, if you’re planning to study for a research-based program, you could apply for funding for your research project. Or, certain students in high-demand programs such as in healthcare can often earn financial aid for tuition.

Graduate school often feels like the best next step for many new college grads, but spending more money on tuition sometimes isn’t possible. Did you manage to cut the price of your graduate degree or even get it for free? Tell us how in the comments.