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How to Travel Luxury on a Budget

With travel coming to a screeching halt in 2020, many people are itching to plan their 2021 adventures. Make the most out of this opportunity to finally get back out there by planning your trip now. After the year 2020, everyone deserves an amazing travel experience. Here are six ways that you can travel in luxury while still on a budget.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Your vacation destination choice will have the biggest impact on the total cost of your trip. If you desire a five-star experience without the hefty price tag, you would be wise to choose a destination off of the beaten path. For example, instead of going the traditional route of a Western European vacation, look into some of the lesser-known locations in Eastern Europe. You will automatically spend less money in Prague versus Paris. These cost savings will allow you to splurge more on your trip, enjoying a more premium experience.

Look Into Vacation Clubs

If you are a frequent traveler, you may find that it may be economical to join a vacation club. With this type of program, you generally pay a set amount of money each year. Rather than being crammed into a small hotel room, you will enjoy the use of premium lodging accommodations. Most vacation clubs feature condo facilities with full kitchens and more room to spread out. While you will have an initial buy-in cost, you will be able to travel in style in future years without spending as much money.

Boost Your Wardrobe

A key element of a luxurious travel experience is dressing the part. You cannot expect to indulge in premium dining experiences without the wardrobe to match the occasion. Unfortunately, it does not take long for this cost to add up if you are dressing up for multiple nights of your trip. In order to dress the part of a luxury traveler without breaking the bank, consider a clothing rental service. Using this type of program will allow you to create a custom wardrobe for your trip that you essentially rent and then give back after a designated period of time.

Ask for Upgrades

It never hurts to ask for an upgrade when traveling. The worst that the customer service agent can tell you is no. If you are celebrating a special occasion, be sure to mention this when checking into a flight, a hotel, or a restaurant. You never know what type of upgrade or special treat you may receive if you simply mention this. Alternatively, if you’re not wanting to ask for upgrades but you’re wanting to enjoy a little more luxury, you might want to look into something like Jettly to book yourselves a private plane journey to your destination, allowing you to travel and arrive in style.

Leverage Credit Card Rewards

If you have good credit, you have the ability to harness the power of a credit card rewards program to travel in the lap of luxury without busting your budget. Many credit cards offer substantial travel rewards, allowing you to upgrade to better accommodations and transport without spending the additional money. Or try a dedicated hotel credit card for free upgrades, complimentary Wi-fi services, and more.

Get Off of the Beaten Path

Savvy travelers know that you will always pay more if you are spending your time in a touristy area. You will spend substantially less cash if you are willing to live like the locals. Step away from the tourist traps and find out where the locals eat and hang out. You will save loads of money if you get off of the beaten path and look for deals that are not catered toward tourists. This effort will give you the opportunity to splurge on special meals and experiences without having to incur the additional costs.