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The best sites to get a car rental for your next USA trip

Whether you’re traveling nationally or visiting the USA from overseas, a rental car is probably on your list of things to arrange before you go. The USA is a wonderful place, especially to rent a car. It’s just an easy place to get around, great quality roads, awesome map infrastructure and gas prices are some of the lowest in the world. If you are planning a a road trip make sure you see these kind ways to improve your summer road trip.

1. Get Data
Chances are you have a smart phone, which means you have a wonderful map system in your hands. I love using Google Maps when I’m in the United States as it’s just so helpful. It has things like reviews, travel time, opening hours and even helps you know what lane to be in when on a multi lane road, making traveling around a new town or city so much easier. I find that paying for a mobile data plan tends to be cheaper than paying extra for a navigation system, and honestly works just as well, so I suggest doing this as soon as you land so that you can get on the road without any hesitation! 

2. Opt for Insurance
There is no faster way to ruin a holiday than having an accident and having to pay out of pocket. Chances are so low, but with travel or car insurance you wont have to worry and can enjoy things fully. I think a few extra dollars a day is totally worth it to have the peace of mind that there will be no hidden expenses! 

3. Check Your License
Now is a good time to check your license and to renew it before your trip if necessary. I would also look into the local laws of the States you’re going to, to check whether you need an International Driver’s license/permit or whether you can drive on your foreign license. There would be nothing worse than showing up to the rental counter only to find that you’re unable to drive and rent the car. 

4. Shop Around
The Internet makes it easier than ever to shop around from the comfort of your own home. You can easily compare rental car companies and find a company that suits your budget and needs. If you’re looking to rent a car, check out these great options that rate highly on TrustPilot.

1. Miles Car Rental 4.7/5:
This is one of the most highly rated car rental companies and for good reason, the clients are super happy with everything from the exceptional value for money to the fast service. Others commented that the staff here are very patient and helpful, making for a seamless rental experience. 

2. Viajemos.com 4.7/5:
This is a great site if you’re looking for suggestions and recommendations as well as your car rental! You can find great priced offers, including insurance giving you an extra level of peace of mind. Others commented that is a friendly and easy to use service. 

3. Priceline 4.5/5:
This is a one stop shop where you can find car rentals and hotel offers in one place. Users commented that it’s easy-to-use, quick and good service. If good customer service is important to you, then this can be a good option.

4. Carrentals 4.2/5:
The most common review left by customers is just how easy this website is to use. If you’re trying to rent a car, chances are you want the process to be as straightforward as possible and this website delivers on this. 

5. Rentalcars 4/5:
Many of the reviews said that they received exactly what they expected when booking through this site. Others said that the entire process was so easy, leading to them using this site time and time again. 

Renting a car is an exciting part of any holiday and with these tips I’m sure you’ll find a great deal that you’re happy with!